Sustainability, what does it mean?

Definitions and opinions abound regarding the meaning
and importance of environmental sustainability. Over the
years the term “sustainability” is increasingly used more as
political rhetoric and public relations, which has created
many misconceptions. Amidst all the confusion, it is
important to remember that sustainability is material and
necessary, and not ambiguous nor ideological.

This is because 100% of our consumption of resources and
release of wastes must be supplied and assimilated,
respectively, within the limits of a single, finite Earth.
As the Earth becomes more resource constrained and has less
capacity to assimilate wastes from increasing populations,
this fact is becoming evermore apparent and critical.

Sustento believes that all sectors of society
(governments, private sector, NGOs, and individuals) can
find a common interest in this simple and irrefutable fact.

True environmental sustainability requires the continuation of Life within the
physical limits of a single, finite Earth.

planeta tierra