Recent Sustento publications and works for download: 


Sustainable Development, “thinking inside of the box”, presented at ESAN University and the Universidad del Pacifico in Peru, 2018.


Water Footprint Assessments as a Decision Tool in the Brazilian Coffee Crisis, 2016, published in iAgua.  This is a current, real-life example of how a simple water footprint assessment could help make better decisions in the agricultural sector to adapt to climate change.


Water footprint assessments for public policies in Latin America, 2016, prepared together with Sustento’s partner, Water Footprint Network, published in CEPAL Water Resouces Newsletter.


Environmental Footprints for Teaching Sustainability, 2016, recently presented at the “XXX Conference of Geography and Environment” and the ReNEA Latin American Conference, both in Uruguay.


Sustainable Development from the Ecological Footprint Perspective: the case of Uruguay, 2016, recently presented at the “XXX Conference of Geography and Environment” en Uruguay.


Sustainable Development from the Ecological Footprint Perspective: the case of Chile, 2016, recently published and presented at the Universidad Autónoma de Chile Talca and discussed on Radio Talca FM.


Sustento also recommends these important publications and resources in sustainability science and practice:


Making the SDGs Consistent with Sustainability  The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not create sustainable global conditions alone.  As this article so effectively illustrates, unless SDGs consider natural resource constraints, the world will continue under the same unsustainable development model as always.  Full article here.


Ecological Footprint Calculator (NEW!)  Global Footprint Network recently updated their Footprint Calculator.   Now you can calculate your own Ecological Footprint and personal Earth Overshoot Day.  This interactive resource is ideal for students, teachers and the general public.  Try it out!


Ecological Footprint Explorer (NEW!)  Global Footprint Network recently launched this new data platform that allows researchers, students, journalists, governments, consultants and others generate custom, interactive graphics with updated Ecological Footprint data for all countries in the world.  Use it and support it!


ERISC,Environmental Risk Integration in Sovereign Credit Analysis, 2016  Understand how environmental risks such as climate change, ecosystem degradation and water scarcity will impact national economies and credit ratings.


Humanity’s Unsustainable Environmental Footprint, 2014 An important introduction to anyone interested in Sustainability. This article consolidates and discusses the different environmental footprints that have been developed over the past two decades.


Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity, 2009 A science-based view of global sustainability.  This widely cited paper defines planetary boundaries within which  humanity can operate safely.


The Water Footprint of Humanity, 2012  This article provides the big picture for visualizing and comprehending our pressures on global freshwater resources.


UNESCO Water Footprint Assessment for Latin America and Caribbean Region, 2014  This report is an important snapshot of the opportunities and risks related to the water footprints in the Latin American and Carribean Region.


Ecological Footprint Atlas, 2010  This report is published and updated by the Global Footprint Network.  Find out who has a surplus of ecological assets and who has a deficit.  See here how the world has changed since 1961!


FIRST Sustainability Tools and Resources for the Financial Sector  Financial institutions will find many useful resources and guidance at this site to improve their investment decisions and be an important motor towards sustainability.

Please contact us if you have additional resources or environmental footprint assessments that can be shared through this website.