Sustento assists the public and private sectors in Latin America to make decisions based on natural resources security, particularly water and productive land.  The word “sustento” refers to “livelihood” or “sustenance” in Spanish, and underscores the fact that humanity´s livelihood is dependent on the limits of a single, finite Earth.

What we believe:

Sustainability needs to be quantitative and objective.

All sectors of society (governments, private sector, NGOs, and individuals) have a vested interest in living within
the physical limits of one Earth.

Scientifically based footprint accounting and assessments are intuitive and practical approaches to quantify

Justin Boreson

Justin Boreson founded Sustento, after working as an environmental consultant and manager in a variety of public and private sectors including mining, energy, manufacturing, forestry, and infrastructure development projects throughout the Americas.

Since 2001, Justin has worked in or led a wide variety of projects at all different scales, in the areas of environmental planning and management, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Environmental and Social Performance Standards and Equator Principles, and contaminant investigations and remediation.

He is a Professional Environmental Engineer, with MSc and BSE degrees in environmental engineering from Arizona State University. Originally from the USA, Justin has been based out of Montevideo, Uruguay since 2008. You can contact him directly here.  Also, watch portions of his favorite presentation topic: Sustainable Development, Thinking Within the Box.


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